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As British Gas, EDF and other utility companies roll out Energy price Rises between 6% and 9%, consumers are once again held to ransom with no options but to pay the increase.

Not so for those who have installed Solar PV panels, and the same can be said for any future installations. The Feed in Tarrif may have been cut by the Government over the last year, but it doesn’t change the benefit of having Solar Panels on your building.

If the average 3 bedroom house uses 3500 kWh of electricity in a year, and you install a Solar PV system that produces 3600 kWh of electricity during that year, even if you only manage to use half of that production, you will reduce the amount of energy you have to buy from your supplier by 50%, taking back some control over your electricity spend.

This principal is the same for business and domestic property owners alike. Furthermore, as prices continue to rise, you continue to insulate yourself from these future rises.

At Eco Innovations we can advise you on many ways to cap your energy costs and generate power and hot water more cost effectively.

Install 5 x Osram Duluxstar and save £42.71 per year based on 4 hours use a day.  Buy your Osram Dulusstar here at Savings based on if you were to install a Osram Duluxstar 21W in the place of lets say a 60W incandescent.

Eco Innovations presented their stand yesterday at the Millennium Conference Centre, Effingham Park, Gatwick.

The South East Business Show provided a platform to showcase the services a company provides and was a great opportunity for us at Eco Innovations to showcase the ESP Ecocent and also introduce the different services we offer from roofing and electrical work to renewable’s.

It is always nice to meet and greet people face to face rather than over the phone or through emails and the show certainly enabled that. The atmosphere was welcoming and the fun factor was there from magicians and Lego, to a giant blue robot wandering around!

All in all we had a great day and hope to have built some good business friends and look forward to the next show!

On Monday 12th November 2012 the Department of Energy and Climate Change

(DECC) released an ‘Energy Efficiency Strategy’. This is a strategy which is using
the four key barriers that have previously prevented energy efficient improvements
and to try and change the way energy is being used in the commercial industry.

It discusses the bigger need for energy efficient improvements within the industrial
and public sector to be achieved. The DECC are in the process of considering the
Green Deal expanding to businesses of any capacity and have announced a £39
million investment into End Use Energy Demand Centres. This will look into how it
is possible to change the behaviour towards saving energy from a consumer and
business point of view.

The Mayor of London’s award winning programme RE:FIT will be funded to help
companies cut their energy use and promote an energy efficient way of working.
John Lewis will be trialling product labelling household items; this will show running
costs to help the consumer choose a more energy efficient option. I think it would
be really useful to be able to see a product having this information as it helps the
consumer make an informed decision. It is all about awareness and support of
renewable energy.

Gregory Barker MP, Minister of State for DECC states:

‘It will help us ensure the UK continues to be a global leader in reducing energy use.’

If you would like to know more about what the DECC proposes then you can view
the document here:

Eco Exhibition Brighton

Eco Innovations are having a great day at the Eco Technology Show in Brighton, East Sussex.

It has been encouraging to see the amount of interest we have had in each of our eco solutions.

If you would like to pop down it closes at 6pm today, we would love to see you.

A chance to win a Kindle Touch

We are offering our visitors the chance to win a Kindle Touch at the Eco Show so if you come donw dont forget to drop your details in our bowl for the chance to win.

Ecocent a Big Hit at Eco Show

The Ecocent Heat Pump proves to be a massive success at its official launch by Eco Innovations. Many of today’s punters have been asking questions about how the Ecocent Heat Pump works,  How much it costs to install and its availability.

We are here tomorrow and would love to see you. Opens at 10am until 5pm.

People who are considering renewable energy options, and are genuinely interested in all the associated effects on the environment will look carefully at the production values.

Some people have tried to infer that the production of a solar panel requires more energy than they save in their lifespan. This is not so.

In a recent report it is claimed that it takes about a year for a solar crystalline panel to produce as much power as it took to make it. And after that first year it then creates electricity for another 30 years with no emissions.

Solar panels remain in the forefront of the greenest energy producers. They are passive in their production of power, and at Eco Innovations we say you cant get better than a solar panel.

With the cost of Solar panels falling significantly, you can get solar PV on your property at a lower cost now than ever before, and whats great is we can still give you a 10% return on investment.

You wont get a better ROI anywhere on the high street. Call Eco Innovations NOW for more information and get in before the next reduction in the Feed in Tariff.

The futures bright, the futures orange, say Eco innovations, well it was a well known mobile phone network who used to say that actually! What they didn’t say was the future’s in the Sun

It’s true though, as the big orange Sun in the sky has turned March into a glorious taste of summer, and anyone with a Solar Installation is smiling more than most, there is plenty to look forward to in the future.

In an article in the new scientist recently, the conclusion for the future of this planet is, and I quote Eric Chaisson of the Harvard Smithsonian centre, ‘the only energy that is not going to additionally heat the earth is Solar and it’s derivatives’
All other sources of energy warm the planet as they are generated, some of them could be quite abundant, but simply are not sustainable.

He goes on to say that ‘any intelligent civilisation on any planet will eventually have to use the energy from its parent star, exclusively’

If you are looking for the only true sustainable energy for your home or business, it is Solar and the sun.

At Eco Innovations, we can still give a 10% return on investment on a Solar Installation, at the new feed in tariff rates, so dont go and put your money in an ISA or savings as the tax year ends, Save with Solar.

Call us now on 0845 362 8503

Eco Innovations has been accepted by Sun Power as a partner in the South East of England.

Sun Power offers a unique, and Guinnes World Record holding, product amongst its range of Solar panels.

Not often can a company boast such credentials, but in the case of Sun Power, they not only hold the record for the most powerful solar panel in the world, but they took the record away from…………………..themselves! That’s right, they weren’t satisfied to sit back and hold the world record, they went out and reset the record books.

Eco Innovations recently installed it’s first SunPower solar PV installation and looks forward to many more.

If you have a roof with limited space, then you need a high powered panel to maximize that space.

So call Eco Innovations for a consultation today. 0845 362 8503

With the leaking of the EST document this week, declaring we are about to see the FiT ratecut to 21p a unit, implemented in early December rather than March, there has been widespread ‘doom and gloom’ articles from the Solar industry.

But all is not as bad as it appears.

With the steady fall in the cost of panels and inverters over the last 12 months, the cost of installations has fallen, (although you can still pay silly money for installations from some less reputable companies), and so the return for some of our customers has reached the lofty heights of 12 to 16% ROI.

This is not sustainable, and the government and energy companies know it, so something has to be done.

At Eco Innovations, we believe that even if the worst forecast were to come to pass, we could still achieve an 8-10% ROI for our customers. The actual ‘pounds and pence’ figures are not as impressive, but it still makes great sense to install solar.

Don’t forget, energy prices will continue to rise, and having your own energy generation plant will only get more and more rewarding over the coming years.

So, if you cant get in quick over the next 6 weeks, don’t despair, you will still get your chance. Make no mistake though, if you can finance an installation over the next few weeks, you will be among the most fortunate people in Europe!

For some the 1st April is synonymous with ‘April Fools Day’, but for Eco Innovations, it has become a great day in history!

As the Government released the new Feed -In- Tariffs, to start on 1st April 2010, a great opportunity was created for home owners and business alike to generate ‘green’ electricity, and get paid for it at the same time.

Have a look at this article published in the Guardian explaining the new Feed In Tariffs. If you want to know more, call Eco Innovations for a chat, and have some of the finer points explained.


You would be a ‘fool’ not to

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